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10 Beautiful Engagement Session Inspiration Ideas

Engagement Session Inspiration

Most couple’s love the idea of an engagement session and are excited to learn that they are complimentary with all of the wedding packages I offer. Some of my clients have already envisioned their session from the location, to what they are going to wear and what they are going to do. However; a lot of my couples have no clue where to start! They haven’t really thought much about it and they hope to lean more on my expertise and vision.

An engagement session is a time for us to get to know one another, have some fun, and provide you with images that truly feel like you. You should start with what you both like to do together as a couple. Do you enjoy the beach together on weekends? Or are you the homebody types that like to cook a yummy brunch every Sunday? I would love to include activities or locations that you feel most comfortable doing as a couple so you can cherish images that truly depict this time in your life and share with your friends and family who you are as a couple!

I have created 10 engagement ideas to help spark some of you who don’t really know where to start. Take a peek and see if any jump out to you both!

Just as every detail of your wedding day is planned, so is a thoughtful engagement session. From a cute picnic basket at the beach, to a champagne toast – let’s think of some fun activities or accessories that will make the session unique and set the stage for some natural moments.

1. Neutral Beach Session

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Lets watch sunset on the beach with some snacks and a glass of rose! Think about a soft color pallet with a pop of contrast. Accessories and props simply set the stage for a little romance.

This swimsuit is beautiful and flattering on most body types, but I know what you’re thinking-wearing a swimsuit for my engagement session sounds a bit too revealing since I want to share these images with family. You could cover up with a sarong or opt for simple white wrap dress that will look just as beautiful! He could wear some board shorts and a white or gray short sleeve button down.

2. Tropical Garden Oasis

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Sarasota has some beautiful gardens. The Marie Selby gardens are stunning and it’s located right on the water. There are a few open-to-the public gardens up in Bradenton that are beautiful as well!

I have seen lots of engagement sessions on Pinterest that use a bouquet as a prop, and I love it! How fun would a bright pink, tropical bouquet be in a tropical garden setting!?

3. Drinks On The Rooftop

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There are a few cool restaurants/hotels in the Sarasota area that have a rooftop bar.

Option 1: Asymmetrical black dress. Option 2. Polka Dot Ruffled Dress

4. A Session At Home

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I love the idea of an at home session if your home or apartment is filled with natural light!

An easy breezy white top and light pair of ripped jeans. He could wear a simple t-shirt and jeans.

5. Bike Date

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How cute would this be? Rent a couple of matching bikes to ride around Naples or St. Armands.

This patterned dress would work well. As another option, you could simply wear jean shorts and an over sized white button down top or sweater. Casual is the way to go.

6. Clean and Modern

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Using modern architecture, clean lines, and minimal backdrops to create a session that truly highlights just the two of you.

This Bhldn dress would be perfect.

7. Vaca Inspired

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Rent a hotel room for a stay-cation at one of Sarasota’s amazing hotels along Longboat key or downtown. Let’s shoot in the early morning hours to have the pool to ourselves!

8. Sail Away

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This has always been a dream of mine since owning a photography business. I know, it could be difficult to orchestrate, but if you happen to be into boating or sailing–let’s do it!

This white sweater is similar to the one shown above. I would recommend you wear shorts or pants instead of a dress.

9. Coffee Date

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Love the cozy fall vibes, but live in Florida? Let’s get warm and cozy during a coffee date at a local coffee joint. Then walk around downtown!

This slip dress with a sweater would be very classy, otherwise this printed blouse and jeans would be a good casual option.

10. Make A Statement

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Want to feel glamorous and make a statement? Let’s shoot at the Ringling Museum in a stunning Rent-The-Runway dress and tux and do the dang thing!

This black dress’s texture is amazing if you don’t want to do a gown. I love this white one too, but it’s on the expensive side. Here is a more affordable option.


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