Golf Course Wedding | Kelley & Parker

I feel so honored to be a part of Kelley and Parker’s wedding.  They have known each other since their Junior year of high school and their love was infectious.  The Sanctuary Golf Club in Sedalia set the perfect tone for the day.  Providing a wonderful view of the sunset and a warm and cozy fireplace to dine with their friends and family.

Kelley and Parker’s love story from Kelley’s Perspective…

We met our Junior year of high school in English class…I know forever ago! Before we knew each other, Parker noticed a binder left in another classroom. During our English class, Parker heard Kelley‘s name one day and told Kelley where she left her binder in another classroom. A few months later, the entire class changed seats and Parker chose the seat right next to Kelley. One of Kelley‘s closest friends from growing up was also in our English class and thought we would be perfect for each other, so she convinced Parker to ask Kelley to Junior year prom. Parker asked Kelley with a frozen heart that required her to melt the giant heart to get a key to unlock a box. The box had a note that read “you melt my heart…will you go to Prom with me.” During Prom, Parker asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest is history!


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