What to Wear | Fall & Winter Edition

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Sep 29, 2017

Fall & Winter Edition

Engagement sessions are my favorite for many reasons. I love that I get to spend extra time with my clients and get to know them and their relationship. I learn about how they interact with one another and how they show affection. The more I know about my couples, the more I am able to help guide them into poses that feel natural and comfortable. At the end of the day I want to document their love for one another and for the session to feel like “them”!

Over the years my couples have shared with me their biggest worry about their upcoming engagement session…”What do we wear!?”.  It seems overwhelming and complicated, but I thought in lieu of engagement season, I’d share a few of my tried and true engagement session tips for what to wear in the fall and winter.


Location & Season- Once you’ve selected your location and season that you’re hoping to have your session in, that lays out the foundation. Not only do you want to wear something that makes sense in your images, but you’ll also want to be comfortable.  It will be cooler at altitude so warm jackets and sweaters are good options for comfort and practicality. We’ll be walking from location to location for different backdrops so you’ll need to wear comfortable shoes as well. Tall boots if your session is in the winter.



What Looks Best on You- Stick to tones and silhouettes that you feel confident in. It is so important that you feel comfortable in whatever you wear!

Two outfits-  I offer up to 1 outfit change during your session. I’d suggest one more more dressy and one more casual. Together we’ll come up with a plan of which outfit to wear first depending on location. Most likely you will have to change on a trail or at a park. I know, changing in public isn’t ideal, but if you plan your undergarments correctly it will be a breeze. Pun intended 😉 If you’re uncomfortable with changing out in nature, you can either stick to one outfit or let me know and we’ll pick a location that is near your car or one that has restrooms.



Coordinate- But don’t be matchy-matchy. Your looks should look good together and fit in the level of formality. Ensure that the colors or patterns you are both wearing go with one another and don’t clash. If you’re unsure, stick to a neutral color palette.

Backgound Colors- Keep in mind the background of your chosen location. Is it in a bed of aspens in the fall? If so, to pick tones that will go with the yellow. For example, red wouldn’t look good next to the yellow leaves, but burgundy would.

Layer and accessorize- Hats, scarves, patterned socks, jewelry. They all will add interest to your photographs!

Engagement Themes– Themes are definitely a trend for engagement sessions and there is a big part of me that loves them! Do you and your fiance love fly fishing or camping? Let’s take some beautiful shots of the both of you doing what you love!



If you feel like there isn’t a perfect outfit in your closet, this is a great excuse to get out and do some shopping!  Since we live in beautiful Colorado and most my fall sessions land in the mountains, these pieces are stylish, yet casual so they’ll easily compliment the beauty of the Rockies.

                  In snow, dark navy and blacks will lose detail with a bright snowy background so I’d suggest sticking to lighter, natural colors. Brown and grays are great. Stay away from large, bulky, or reflective jackets. Layers are your friend.

Jackets- 1.   2.   3.   4. 

Dresses are so feminine and beautiful! Here are a few good options for the fall. White is classic and as long as you stick to a longer sleeve or warmer fabric, it can work with the cooler temps. Also, don’t be afraid of pattern!

Dresses – 1.   2.    3.   4.  Sweaters are great for dressing up, dressing down and layering. Select silhouettes that aren’t bulky.

Sweaters – 1.   2.   3.   4.Accessories – 1.    2.   3.   4.

Accessorize!! Hats, scarves, jewelry, fun shoes, all add interest to your images. Stay true to who you are, but have a little fun! I just bought this hat above– it’s so flattering!


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